Attendance at an International Event

CARiM’s research team had presented results and achievements on the project at an international conference “Third Workshop on Size-Dependent Effect in Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application” (SizeMat 3), September 12 – 15, 2021, Pomorie, Bulgaria.

Abstracts and thumbnails of the presentations by:

Prof. Dr. Alia Tadjer

Molecular modelling of components for rechargeable metal-ion batteries

Hristo Rasheev

Cation desolvation on a model electrode surface: a story of commitment and breakup

Yanislav Danchovski

Computational modelling of metal complexes with redox-active ligands for Li-ion batteries

Prof. Dr. Violeta Koleva

Mechanochemically induced transformation of NaFePO4 maricite: anion redox activity and high specific capacity

Dr. Mariya Kalapsazova

Improved electrochemical performance of Na2/3Ni1/2Mn1/2O2 through stabilizing the oxygen redox activity

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