Prof. Dr. Alia Tadjer

Prof. Dr. Alia Tadjer is a highly-respected computational chemist at both national and international level. Her research interests encompass the fields of: 1) quantum-chemical modelling of organic closed-shell and open-shell conjugated molecules for application in optics, spintronics and electronics; 2) modelling of energy generation and storage materials and processes; 3) self-assembling systems and 4) design of bio-related molecules by using QSAR and machine learning approaches. She has been teaching Theoretical Chemistry Courses for decades and has trained and supervised plentiful undergraduate and graduate students for which she received the Pythagoras
award. She has been visiting professor in numerous universities worldwide and is an active member of the international Computational Chemistry and Chemical Physics communities. She was/is project leader and team member of a number of scientific projects. She has over 100 publications in scientific journals and contributions in several books and book chapters. She is at the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Advances in Quantum Chemistry, and ARKIVOC and reviewer for more than 20 periodicals.

Contact information: Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Sofia, office 527, tel. 02/8161-374, e-mail:

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