Hristo Rasheev

The continuous interest of Hristo Rasheev towards Chemistry led him to the National Lyceum for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, followed by the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Sofia, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Master’s degree in Computational Chemistry. During his student years he was captivated by Quantum Chemistry and in 2014 joined the Laboratory of Quantum and Computational Chemistry as a research student. He is a team-member of projects related to the quest of novel materials and co-authored several scientific papers. He has reported results as oral and poster presentations at a number of scientific forums. He is also involved in teaching and science communication activities. Currently, he is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Alia Tadjer and Prof. Radostina Stoyanova and is working on modelling of electrolytes and electrodes for next-generation rechargeable metal-ion batteries.

Contact information: Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Sofia, office 527, tel. 02/8161-374, e-mail:

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